Release AR Batches in Dynamics SL – Batch is not in balance and not posted.

It’s a busy Monday morning and the first day of the new month, soooooo it’s ERROR MESSAGE TIME!

System Message 6124: Process started: Mon Apr 03 09:15 A.M.

Module: 'BI' 
Batch: '000754'

Processing: Module: 'BI' , Batch: '000754'
System Message 3011: is not in balance and not posted.

System Message 6125: Process ended: Mon Apr 03 09:15 A.M.



Let’s get to work so we can let the Finance department close the books on the last month.

A query in SSMS of the BATCH table reveals what is going on with the batch.

FROM Batch

The result is 1 row with zero values for all the amount columns, like CURYCTRLTOT (great, now I want tater tots).


While the batch could be deleted right from SSMS, I get a special kind of anxiety anytime I’m writing a DELETE or UPDATE statement on a table like BATCH.  If you don’t have access to SSMS you can actually skip right to this next part and do your sleuthing in Dynamics SL itself.


In case you’re curious, the query would be:
WHERE BATNBR = ‘000754’


Open Dynamics SL, and in the sail menu select “Initialize Mode.”  Because, you know, you’re a sys admin and allowed to do this.

Now go through the menu system Financial > General Ledger > Journal Transactions.

Change the Module field to BI (or other module specified by the error message) and pull up the troublesome batch.

Without the grid highlighted, hit the delete button (X) in the toolbar to remove the empty batch.