BI360 Disable All Drilldowns in Report

This post is going to assume you are familiar with the .xlsx/.zip conversion that was used in a previous post on BI360.

I have a report that I would like to distribute the summary information without any drill-to capabilities. After triple checking all of the report options, I came to the conclusion that I would have to edit each individual cell and uncheck the “use default drilldown” option in the layout editor under drill-to.  That felt unsatisfactory, so I found another way to disable all drilldowns in a BI360 report.

Post-Publish Note:

Jim Hummer, Sr Consultant with Solver, left a comment below where he mentioned that if you’d like to disable the drill-down for a report before you build it – create a single cell with drill-down disabled and copy-paste it to create the report. If you’re not starting with a previously-built report as the template for the report you are building with all drill-downs disabled, this is the preferred way to disable all drill-downs.
If you’re not so lucky as to be creating a report from scratch, editing the XML with backup(s) of your reports may save you some time.

– Thanks for the comment Jim!

By changing the report to a zip folder and unzipping it, you can get to the underlying XML files.  For the “use default drilldown” option, I did the file conversion twice – once before making any changes and again after making a single cell drill-down disabled.

Oh, and make a backup of your report(s) before trying any of this.

The Default Drill-To Setting

The report properties are in customXml/item2.xml.




The compare file command in VS Code makes finding the change quick.


Cell definition without any drilldown on the right.



When a cell’s default drill-to option is turned off, an attribute is added to the Cell definitions that sets [cci_xml]Drilldown=”false”[/cci_xml].


Changing All of Them

The text expression [cci_xml]Column=”x”>[/cci_xml] is used a two times in the report I was working on, once for the column definition and 37 other times for the cell definitions.  It ended up being fastest to do the find-and-replace for all, then removing [cci_xml]Drilldown=”false”[/cci_xml] from the column definition.


Replace [cci\_xml]Column=”x”>[/cci\_xml] with [cci\_xml]Column=”x” Drilldown=”false”>[/cci\_xml].


Repeat for all of the columns in your report.

Zip it back up, convert back to an .xslx file