Dynamics SL User Group – Summit 2020

The following is reposted from the Dynamics SL User Group blog as it contains my personal thoughts on a change to the annual conference for the user group.

Change is often not easy, but the Dynamics SL User Group board of directors has been preparing for the opportunity to join the collective Community Summit for the last several years.  This process involved many hours of individual and group reflection, discussions on the current Microsoft business applications ecosystem, and extended arrangements with Dynamic Communities.

With respect to all the effort that went into the decision and our commitment to the betterment of the entire Dynamics SL user community, I wanted to take a moment and answer a few questions preemptively.

Starting in the fall of 2020, the Dynamics SL user group will hold its annual conference event with the other Microsoft business application user groups in Nashville, TN, during October 3rd-9th.

See You in Nashville

Why Now?

The Dynamics SL user group has been focused on helping our members grow their knowledge and confidence with Dynamics SL. In recent years it has become clear that to best support our members’ abilities to influence the success of their companies the user group should expand its focus to include additional technical and professional learning opportunities.  Dynamics SL is not end of life and is receiving updates twice a year, but the development to Dynamics SL is outpaced by enhancements to adjacent business applications (ex. PowerBI, PowerApps). Businesses that utilize Dynamics SL will benefit from understanding how to leverage other technologies in conjunction with their existing ERP. 

A core group of volunteers has been powering the Dynamics SL user group for an extended period and many of us would not be where we are today without their contributions. By combining efforts with Community Summit, we create more flexibility for our volunteer force and enforce stability for the user group.

The Benefits of Summit

  • Dynamics SL content – in sessions and at a dedicated Dynamics SL troubleshooting and brainstorming (“Medic”) desk.
  • Networking and connections – Get to know other DSLUGers, including users and independent consultants.
  • Business best practices – Meet users of Microsoft ERPs in a similar role and learn about their best practices and share your knowledge.
  • Get a look at D365BC from Microsoft and current users – when your CxO brings up moving “to the cloud” you can give them the pros and cons of migration options (including staying with Dynamics SL).
  • Microsoft presence – Make your voice heard by members of the Microsoft team representing various products.
  • ISV Solutions – See the independent software vendor (ISV) solutions for Dynamics SL and other ERPs. Many can be custom integrated with just about any system!
  • Community Summit content in non-SL tracks – learn more about adjacent technologies such as PowerBI and PowerApps or sharpen your leadership and communication skills in numerous other sessions, all open to Dynamics SL attendees.

The Drawbacks of Summit

It’s hard to find negative things to say about Community
Summit, but a key difference is that it is a larger event than the DSLUG
conference we’re all used to.  This means
we’ll be at a bigger venue – book early for the best hotel location and bring
comfortable shoes.

What Stays the Same?

We will continue to have our own Dynamics SL general session
where we recognize those who have been going above and beyond in our community
as well as learn more about upcoming changes to Dynamics SL.  A user-driven board of advisors will continue
to shape content.  The user group will
continue to create year-round value through webinars and forum participation.

The heart of the user group is the people who give their time and knowledge to assist others, and we will continue to focus on elevating the Dynamics SL user group members. I was fortunate to attend Summit in October 2019 and from that first-hand experience can speak with certainty to the Dynamics SL user group’s future – participation in Community Summit 2020 will provide an excellent learning opportunity for all our members.


Our Next Steps

If you have additional questions, please check out this FAQ or attend the informational Q&A webinar. I’d love for you to join us in Nashville for Community Summit 2020 and look forward to continued engagement through the online community.